digital marketing is used by smartphone oems


Like other business sectors, Smartphone Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) seamlessly work on digital marketing for product promotion, increasing organic traffic, and improving leads and sales. Continue reading the article to get a glimpse of why smartphone OEMs use digital marketing.

Why the Smartphone OEMs aggressively investing in Digital Marketing

Gone are the days of traditional advertising. The rise of the internet era has caused a divergence in customers’ attention to digital marketing/advertising media. With an understanding that the users check for information on search engines, watch videos and regularly visit social media platforms, smartphone OEMs concluded that connectivity with the audience could be more on digital mediums.

Why are Smartphone OEMs spending more of their investment on digital marketing on mobile platforms?

A decade ago, personal computers and laptops were the primary information providers. We now see increased connectivity to the internet and digital platforms via smartphones. In November 2022, 60.8 percent of web traffic came through mobile phones. In 2012, the web traffic via mobile phones was meagre 10%. Five years later, the percentage of web traffic on mobile had already increased five-fold to 54.09 percent.

For instance, it is hard to find someone reading a newspaper; instead, you can see most of them engrossed in searching for news, watching videos, and scrolling down social media pages on smartphones. Whatever content you want appears on the screen with just a click. Smartphone OEMs have shifted their footprint to digital platforms when obtaining information has become hassle-free. They work on various digital marketing strategies to establish their brand in the customer’s minds. Smartphone OEMs invest massive amounts worth over 300Cr on digital marketing. The purpose is to ensure their brand stays in the customer’s mind, reach the target audience, increase traffic and scale up the sales. 

What digital marketing strategies do smartphone OEMs rely on to make their brand familiar to customers?

There are numerous digital marketing techniques, and each method serves a purpose for a specific industry. Additionally, not all digital strategies work for all digital platforms. The OEM’s primary focus is to expand its brand on mobile platforms.  OEMs emphasize digital marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, YouTube videos and Google Ads.

As per the smartphone Digital Marketing in India report by tech ARC, Of the total budget, 72% of the money is invested in mobile platforms, the rest is being used for web platforms, and 34% of the amount is dedicated to ranking the website page higher up on the search results. 

  •  Search Engine Optimization:

The digital marketing teams work on off-page and page optimization. Alongside increasing the number of backlinks, keyword bidding is becoming a popular marketing strategy for OEMs to set the sales ground. With an understanding of google’s search algorithm, digital marketing experts choose the appropriate keywords. For example, the keyword ‘Note’ is at the top of the search results. The google search algorithm shows a greater preference for those brands with the keyword ‘note’, and the chances to top the search results are higher. That is why smartphones come with similar names. The keyword ‘note’ is predominantly used in meta titles and meta descriptions. 

  •  Social Media Marketing:

With easy access to smartphones, it is not a wonder to see a school goer set himself relaxing with a smartphone. When you peep in to see what the adolescent is gazing at, you will see them scrolling down the social media posts. From adolescents to older people, they put their heads into their smartphones, switching different social media platforms.

To gain a connection with the audience, smartphone OEMs are approaching digital marketing services and seeking the assistance of digital marketers to creatively work on producing relevant and appealing social media posts and videos. According to research, it is said that approximately 71% of users see social media posts. Furthermore, an average user spends two and a half hours on social media platforms. Amongst all, Facebook is the most popular medium, and people spend approximately 58 minutes every day. 

  •  Google Ads:

Smartphone OEMs are always looking for ways to improve their user experience. It is why they often turn to Google Ads – one of the digital marketing strategies to provide them with the right tools to do just that. Google Ads allows OEMs to track user behaviour and determine which ads effectively drive conversions. It also provides them with data insights that will enable them to optimize their campaigns quickly and easily. It makes Google Ads an ideal platform for smartphone OEMs who want to improve their user experience and drive more sales.

  •  YouTube videos:

Watching videos is the most common entertaining task for people. A user spends a minimum of 19 minutes on YouTube videos. In such a case, YouTube videos are vital for product promotion. If you carefully research, you will find numerous videos providing a review on smartphones, which is an influencing strategy. It has an impact on the buyers. Given this, smartphone OEMs are focusing on the creation of YouTube videos. The blend of creativity with appropriate content can increase smartphone sales. 

 Wrapping up:

Smartphone OEMs moving on to digitally market their product on mobile platforms is an intelligent move. The appropriate marketing technique facilitates your website to rank high on the search results while creatively working on social media posts can bring massive traffic, generate leads and drive sales. 

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1. Why are smartphone OEMs investing heavily in digital marketing?
To connect with their target audience effectively and stay competitive, smartphone OEMs are aggressively investing in digital marketing for brand promotion, increasing organic traffic, and boosting leads and sales.

2. How has mobile internet usage affected smartphone OEMs’ digital marketing strategies?
With the rise of mobile internet usage, smartphone OEMs have shifted their focus to digital marketing on mobile platforms. A significant percentage of web traffic comes from mobile phones, making it essential for OEMs to optimize their digital marketing efforts for mobile users.

3. What are the primary digital marketing strategies used by smartphone OEMs?
Smartphone OEMs rely on various strategies to establish their brand presence and connect with customers. Some of the key strategies include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, and YouTube videos.

4. How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) contribute to smartphone OEMs’ digital marketing efforts?
SEO helps smartphone OEMs improve their website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). By using relevant keywords, optimizing meta titles and descriptions, and building backlinks, OEMs can increase their website’s ranking, leading to more organic traffic and potential customers.

5. How does Social Media Marketing benefit smartphone OEMs?
Social Media Marketing enables smartphone OEMs to connect with their audience through relevant and engaging posts and videos. With a significant number of users spending time on social media platforms, OEMs can create brand awareness, increase traffic, and generate leads by utilizing creative social media content.

6. What is the role of Google Ads in smartphone OEMs’ digital marketing strategies?
Google Ads allows smartphone OEMs to track user behavior and optimize their campaigns for better conversions. It provides valuable data insights that help OEMs enhance their user experience and drive more sales by reaching potential customers effectively.

7. Why are YouTube videos important for smartphone OEMs’ digital marketing?
YouTube videos have a wide reach and engagement among users, making them a vital tool for smartphone OEMs’ product promotion. Videos, especially reviews and demonstrations, influence buyers’ decisions and contribute to increased smartphone sales.

8. How does digital marketing on mobile platforms benefit smartphone OEMs?
Digital marketing on mobile platforms ensures that smartphone OEMs reach users where they spend most of their time. By effectively utilizing mobile-specific strategies, OEMs can drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales, aligning with user behavior and preferences.

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10. How can businesses enroll in Startup Icons’ digital marketing services?
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