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Startup Icons is a digital marketing agency specializing in diverse digital marketing services and web solutions. We aim to deliver beyond expectations in the digital marketing arena. Our experts are specialized in understanding business goals and cater customized services to our clients. Startup Icons are also leaders in digital marketing training. Various online courses are also conducted by us, and we have several beneficiaries in our success journey. Especially to empower women and enhance their skills, we have started an initiative through an online internship.


Digital Marketing Internship Details


In 2021, above 60% of the women are staying as homemakers due to career breaks and more literate females are having fewer opportunities to start a career. With Covid 19 taking troll, it has become much more difficult for a woman to enter the corporate world. Are you one such woman amidst these confusions? This internship program is for you.

An online internship is offered to graduates who are eager to step up in their careers. You can stay wherever you are and can enhance your skills in digital marketing online. Guidance and support will be provided to establish yourself in the field of digital marketing. As a 3-month course, it has all that you look for in a training.

Who can apply?

Anyone who

  • wants to start your career / get back to work
  • are willing to learn digital marketing with eagerness to work online
  • have flexible work hours to concentrate on their future income
  • needs work-life balance
  • is looking for a second career

Skills Required

Mastering digital marketing skill is an art. You can be an expert by taking up this internship program. Any graduate can apply.


What you get is valuable for what you give. Our program offers

  • Free digital marketing consultation on your business
  • Mentor assistance
  • Learn digital marketing in a short span
  • Work on live projects
  • Future opportunities
  • Internship at the comfort of your home

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    Our Team & Interns

    Welcome to StartupIcons Online Digital Marketing Internship Programme

    Ashwini Sargam

    Social Media Marketer

    Bindu Ragi

    Social Media Marketer

    Junaid Ahmed

    Team Manager

    Yashwanth Kalluri (B.B.A.) Mahindra University

    Graphic Designer Intern
    User Experience Arch lead

    Rajesh Charya

    User Experience Arch lead

    Lizalin Mishra

    Digital Marketing Expert

    Shyam K

    Digital Marketing Expert
    Digital Marketing Expert


    Senior Web Developer

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