Have you ever heard about a common man journey from a remote village called Maripeda, Mahabubabad District to one of the biggest organizations like Tata consultancy services and then back to chasing his dreams of an entrepreneurship?

Hello I am Ravindar,

I come from a beautiful village called Maripeda which is located at Mahabubabad District of Telangana.

Like any other child, I am blessed to have a happy childhood with highest dreams of life to achieve. Right from childhood, I always strongly believe that the village culture teaches you the beautiful lessons of lifestyle attached with emotions and ethics. This has proven right in my case as I always had great inclination towards English language which inspired me to become an English Teacher. This made me to choose BA (Lit) English and completed it successfully with great support of my parents. My parents were happily stretching their working time just to create a bright future for us. I started feeling happy for them at the same time guilty for being a burden to them. Finally I decided to work for part time to reduce my parent’s burden.

Though I started helping my parents by working part time as a Medical Sales Boy at Pragathi Medical Agency Khammam, My actual career started in 2002 as a Spoken English Co-coordinator (BIE in Khammam). It was a free service just to encourage the students especially like me who came from village background. My major intention was to build confidence in the students who were inferior and unable to speak English Language. I further continued my teaching profession gaining vast knowledge from 2002-2005.

As my instinct was strong to achieve big and different, I joined BFA with Multimedia in the year 2006 at SVCFA Madhapur. While pursuing second year BFA I got an opportunity to work with Ram Informatics Pvt Ltd (Srinagar Colony) as a Web Designer initially and later worked with Java Developers team .This was totally a new experience for me.

 This experience helped me to learn more and work for many prestigious companies:


Quick Snapshot of My Previous Experience:

Infogate Technologies (Boinpally)

Worked as a Web Designer for a dot net developing team and I used to earn 8,000/- Per Month in 2008. (Ameerpeta)

Worked as a Web Designer and during 2008 worked as a Graphic Designer.

Merryinfotech (Ameerpeta)

Worked as a Web Designer and Graphic Designer during 2009.

Yelladworks India Pvt Ltd (Jayabheri Silicon Towers, Madhapur)

Worked as Web/Graphic Design, Proof Reading, Order Processing in 2010 to 2015.

TCS Adibatla (Senior Process Associate)

During 2015 to 2017 working for one of the biggest organizations like TCS was my dream come true but my natural instinct of learning more and doing something different did not let me stick to one role and adjust with so called RULES and REGULATIONS. I decided to quit the job in the search of new heights.

My hunger for learning continued and I pursued distance education in MA (Journalism and Mass Communication) from 2017 to 2019.

I joined Blouinartinfo for an Ecommerce Catalogue Specialist Virtual Role. It was a worth full experience working there and I upgraded my knowledge on digital marketing.

GUESS WHAT…. This was the Major turn I took in my life

Since I have in-depth knowledge of working for different domains like web design, CMS, Graphic Design, Proof Reading, Web Content QA, UK Yell directory Local listings and Regional listing creations, I thought of wrapping all together and serve it at one stop.

The one stop destination for all my thought process was A START UP BUSINESS which I have been in thrive of in the form of doing something different.

 I proudly name my thought process as Startup Icons Digital Marketing Agency.

StartupIcons Digital Marketing Agency

is a startup which inherited by my own ideas and experiences it is an Online Digital Marketing Training and Service platform. Initially I started with one project and gradually started getting insights and strategized own promoting with local listing.

Right now to our credits we have 10 different successful projects serving various domains like:

  • Axia Real Estate
  • Rashian Engineering Technologies
  • SIES Online Spoken English Institute
  • Kuchipudi Dance Academy
  • SSAI Agriculture Machinery Manufacturing Industry
  • Atluri Properties

It’s our all-time pleasure to serve our client and make them feel happy and beneficial. Since from my childhood I was passionate about teaching profession. I started chasing it again and started training with an innovative technology. I have started online digital marketing training by mentor-ship method on our live projects and thereby helping others to become successful in their career and to have their own startup instead of struggling and striving for smaller jobs. Specialty at our academy is we take personal care of each and every one. Teaching will be made on one to one basis through Skype call so that you will get the personal attention.

We have experienced passionate and dedicated team. We are working to fulfill your dreams and build your career. Join us and explore a new dimension for your carrier. It’s our privilege to train you.

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