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Digital Marketing Internship Exclusively for Housewives

Are you aware of how digital marketing internship can help housewives in finding their desired job position in digital marketing. Before that let us understand that according to the Statista research department, the employment rate of urban Indian women was about 5.4 percent in February 2021 which eventually came down from seven percent during March 2020? Many women lost jobs due to Covid 19 and many are forced to work for half their salary. Also, there are homemakers by force and a few others struggling to enter the corporate world after a career break.

Are you one among them and you are concerned about your employment? Then why delay enrolling for a digital marketing online course? The course includes training and digital marketing internship opportunities. You can get both theoretical and real-time experience. After the course, the possibility of getting a job as a digital marketing professional is higher. You can find employment with a decent salary package proving that a housewife can become a successful digital marketer with time. So, use this golden opportunity to restart your career. Online digital marketing internship for housewives is an exclusive training program that gives women their comeback employment chances.

Digital marketing for Housewives

Why Digital Marketing Internship for Housewives?

With all businesses going online, the need for digital marketing has increased and this field will always be on the peak with the future digital trends. Digital marketing creates bosses. You can be an entrepreneur with no gender parity issues in the field. It gives the convenience of working at your own pace. With this said, you have freelancing opportunities too. You can accept projects as and when you like. It is not necessary to go to office to earn. You can earn from home as it gives work-life balance. Above all, unlike other courses, digital marketing is easy to learn, and any graduate can take it as a profession.

What will you learn in a digital marketing internship?

Online digital marketing internship comprises training in areas like:

  • Social media marketing

The digital marketing internship is incomplete without practicing social media marketing. Social media marketing is a never miss digital marketing strategy for any business. Here, you understand how to create the post and upload it via paid social media marketing campaign. Also, you will get comprehensive knowledge on which campaign to adopt for driving leads and improving conversions based on the industry’s profile. As a social media marketer, you do campaign analysis for modifications required.  

  • Graphic designing

Graphic designing is an essential skill for digital marketers. In a digital marketing internship, you get introduced to graphic designing of posts to upload on social media platforms. With graphic designing knowledge, you can create visually attractive posts that can hold the sight of potential customers. A business-relevant content with an outstanding graphic design works well. 

  • Google Ads 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing expands a company’s market and raises brand recognition. Using Google Analytics and Adwords to optimize advertising is the best solution. In digital marketing, understanding google advertisements is a crucial complex talent. Google AdWords is the company’s most popular digital marketing service for quick sales and earnings. There are different categories of Google AdWords campaigns, including call campaigns, display campaigns, and discovery campaigns. Nonetheless, the Google AdWords expert should know all ad campaigns and understand how to properly advance this campaign to produce leads. Ensuring the customer’s advertising budget is not wasted requires careful observation and analysis of every aspect of an advertising campaign. The digital marketing internship will make you an expert in creating and monitoring the Google Ad campaigns.

  •  Video marketing 

Digital marketing internship is incomplete without videos, according to video marketing. According to research, 60% of organizations utilize video for marketing, which provides a better return on investment. You can advance in your business by learning to make videos in this sea of possibilities.

  •  Social Media Optimization

In digital marketing internship, social media optimization includes post creation and upload on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Your content should reflect the business core and be optimized with business keywords. Along with content, the post should visually appeal to social media users; hashtags are mandatory. The digital marketing internship will help you to learn how to use social media optimization to reach the target audience. 

 Career Options 

  • Digital marketing internship can make you eligible to work as a Freelancer by taking digital marketing projects from organizations and getting paid while working from home.
  • As housewives, you may be concerned that your knowledge is just within the four walls of your house. You can reach out to the world by sharing it through YouTube. Posting DIY videos or other informative sessions by optimizing YouTube can be done with your expertise.
  • You can become the best content writer for blogs, websites, and social media.
  • More to add, you can broadcast your advertisements for your audience and your desired location.
  • You can also do affiliate marketing, where an online retailer will pay you for an external website for traffic or sales generated through its referrals.

 Final thoughts:

Digital marketing is a good career choice for housewives. Getting certified and working as an intern will add weight to your profile. You will most likely get selected by companies seeking talent to fill   their digital marketing positions. The digital marketing internship provides exposure to both theoretical and practical assignments. You will get the opportunity to work on live projects for different industries. Through digital marketing internship You can get the knowledge on what marketing strategy is suitable to which industry. At the same time, you gain confidence and experience in working with top companies. Since it is online, you can learn at your convenience. Certifications are also provided in these areas.

 So, what is holding you back? Move forward and grab the opportunity. We at Startup Icons are professionals in digital marketing that will assist you in your transition. Experts will train you. Personal mentors will also be assigned to monitor your progress. Startup Icons allows you to work on live projects during your digital marketing internship and gain experience. Our digital marketing services speak of our value-driven internship. Start now with Startup Icons. Contact us for a free consultation.


1. What is a digital marketing internship for housewives?
A digital marketing internship for housewives is a specialized training program that offers theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in various aspects of digital marketing. It aims to equip housewives with skills and expertise to pursue a career in the digital marketing field.

2. How can a digital marketing internship help housewives in finding jobs?
A digital marketing internship provides practical skills and real-time experience in areas like social media marketing, graphic designing, Google Ads, video marketing, and more. It enhances the employability of housewives by making them eligible for roles like freelancers, content writers, social media managers, and more.

3. What skills will I learn during a digital marketing internship?
A digital marketing internship covers various skills, including social media marketing, graphic designing for posts, Google Ads optimization, video marketing, social media optimization, content writing, and more. These skills prepare you for different roles in the digital marketing industry.

4. Can housewives pursue a career in digital marketing?
Yes, housewives can definitely pursue a career in digital marketing. With the right training and practical experience gained from a digital marketing internship, housewives can acquire skills that are in demand and find opportunities to work as freelancers, content writers, social media managers, and more.

5. What are the career options available after a digital marketing internship?
After a digital marketing internship, housewives can explore various career options such as freelancing, content writing for blogs and websites, social media management, YouTube content creation, affiliate marketing, and more. These options offer flexibility and the opportunity to work from home.

6. How does a digital marketing internship prepare me for freelancing?
A digital marketing internship provides you with the skills needed for freelancing in digital marketing. You can take up projects from different organizations, work on live projects during the internship, and build a portfolio that showcases your expertise.

7. Can I learn digital marketing at my own pace during the internship?
Yes, digital marketing internships often offer flexible learning schedules, allowing you to learn at your own pace. This is beneficial for housewives who may have other responsibilities to manage.

8. How can Startup Icons help me in my digital marketing journey?
Startup Icons is a professional digital marketing agency and training institute that offers comprehensive online digital marketing courses and internships. They provide expert training, personal mentors, and opportunities to work on live projects, enhancing your practical skills and employability.

9. What are the advantages of enrolling in a digital marketing internship with Startup Icons?
Enrolling in a digital marketing internship with Startup Icons offers you the chance to learn from industry experts, gain hands-on experience, work on live projects, and receive certifications. Their training prepares you for various digital marketing roles, making you job-ready.

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