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2Crs business turnover in six months through youtube want to know how?

We are Sri Srinivasa Agro Industries purely agriculture support in supplying the farm implements like power weeders for inter cultivation in cotton, chili, and vegetable crops. Still 2019 May, we have done our business with the traditional market, after onwards decided to promote through digital marketing

We all know that after Jio came into the internet become very cheap and we are all mostly addicted to spending on more time with Facebook and youtube. So we decided to choose an online digital marketing agency,  as we are in district area where the service providers are not available, then we connected one of the best online digital marketing training and service providers who started to support for startups focused – Startupicons Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad

According to their suggestion first, we got our website live meanwhile created all social media business pages like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and youtube channel. As ours is a product based so we decided to develop our youtube channel as the main promoting option.

As per the given suggestion, we recorded more product functional videos with different customers.
We have three different models in diesel and petrol, weekly one video we recorded and published with focused root keyword in the title and tags.

The purpose of the power weeder is to clean and remove the waste plants in the cotton, chili, fruits, and vegetable crops (Inter cultivation). There are more different brand machines that are there in the market but ours is 100% result oriented without vibration and no strain while working with the machine.

We maintained the quality and providing the service as well. As per the given advice by the digital marketer we have taken more our customer reviews as well how they experienced with our product and took more feedback and upgraded the product to the next level, now it is farming friendly and getting more results to the farmers. For more details please go to our youtube channel –

We dint expect the result of what we got but we followed the suggestions of digital marketing people and got better results. Even we maintained quality and all if you want to get more sales and brand, we have to promote ourselves through digital marketing what we are then it can reach more people and get benefitted than the traditional market.

We can recommend you all business people to get online presence please go to the best digital marketing agencies and follow the suggestions and grow your business more.

We are grateful to Statupicons Digital Marketing Agency and team. ( for your support and effort on us.


1. Why did Sri Srinivasa Agro Industries decide to switch to digital marketing?
Sri Srinivasa Agro Industries recognized the changing landscape of internet accessibility and the widespread use of platforms like Facebook and YouTube. They wanted to tap into the potential of digital marketing to reach a broader audience and promote their products more effectively.

2. How did Sri Srinivasa Agro Industries approach their digital marketing journey?
The company connected with StartupIcons Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad for guidance and support. They started by launching a website and creating business pages on various social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

3. How did Sri Srinivasa Agro Industries utilize YouTube for their marketing strategy?
They decided to focus on YouTube as their main promotional platform. They recorded functional videos showcasing their power weeder products in action, targeting different customers. These videos were optimized with relevant keywords in titles and tags.

4. What is the purpose of their power weeder products?
The power weeder products are designed to aid in inter-cultivation by effectively cleaning and removing waste plants from crops like cotton, chili, fruits, and vegetables. The products offer a unique selling point of being vibration-free and easy to use.

5. How did Sri Srinivasa Agro Industries enhance their products based on digital marketing advice?
They actively collected customer reviews and feedback, which helped them improve the product quality and functionality. This iterative process led to product enhancements, making them more farmer-friendly and result-oriented.

6. What were the results of their digital marketing efforts?
Following the advice of digital marketing experts, Sri Srinivasa Agro Industries experienced better sales, brand visibility, and customer engagement. Their online presence allowed them to reach a wider audience than traditional methods.

7. What recommendation does Sri Srinivasa Agro Industries have for other businesses?
They strongly recommend that other businesses establish an online presence through digital marketing. Following the suggestions of digital marketing agencies can help businesses expand their reach, increase sales, and build a stronger brand.

8. How did Startup Icons Digital Marketing Agency contribute to their success?
Startup Icons Digital Marketing Agency provided valuable guidance, strategies, and suggestions that enabled Sri Srinivasa Agro Industries to transition to digital marketing effectively. The agency’s expertise and efforts played a significant role in their successful journey.

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