Customer research for Digital Marketing

Customer research for Digital Marketing

“Part of customer development is understanding which customer makes sense for your business.” This is a famous quote by Steve Blank that emphasizes the reality of understanding customers. In today’s world, digital marketing is the key to attracting customers. But how will you find customers by knowing what they want, where they spend most of the time, what they value, what influences them to make a purchase move and which application they are frequently using? All these can be answered only by gaining a deeper knowledge about potential and existing customers. It is attained through customer research for digital marketing which is a never-ending process. Yes, you read it right. It is ongoing, as the needs and preferences of the users keep varying constantly and what is in trend today may vanish tomorrow. That is the speed of change in demands.

What is customer research and how is it useful for digital marketing?

All the business decisions revolve around customers. A general idea about your customers can bring terrible results. It is highly essential to keenly study your customers to plan for an effective digital marketing strategy. Google analytics can present what your customer does buy they do is an in-depth understanding of the customer. For this, every business has to conduct customer research for detailed knowledge about customer’s behaviour, needs, and preferences. So, customer research is the process by which you get an accurate knowledge about your customers using which you can serve them with the best digital marketing strategy on the relevant digital channel.

For example, a survey reflects that 46% of customers had quit the brand because they received irrelevant content. Successful marketers know that customer research is key for digital marketing. It helps analyze the changing needs of customers. The majority of marketers conduct customer research once every quarter and a few marketers conduct
customer research every month which is the right way to timely target customers both potential and existing.

How to perform customer research in digital marketing?
Digital Marketing has the advantage of covering a wide range of customers. But understanding their needs is not easy without customer research. It will create a loyal binding to the marketer. There will be customized communication between them. Like any research, this can be carried out through primary and secondary research.

Primary research is collecting fresh data and gathering new information. It will be unique and up to date. It is not a strenuous task as digital marketing has made it available just in a click. The primary method is the reviews, where users are allowed to submit what is in their minds and the seller can adjust to improve their product or service offering. Reviews are a digital marketer’s asset. Secondly, there is the traditional method of taking a survey that requires extra effort to frame survey questions to be asked to the users. It gives the best results if the questionnaires are put forth correctly. Digital marketers can use various online applications for this purpose. Finally, with the advancements in digital marketing, analytics tools can be used to examine the users’ website activity, their time spent on the purchase, how different customers interact with the company and their online presence.

Secondary research is discovering information from the existing resources. Statistical data published by authenticated sources, competitive analysis, in-depth look into the various consumer forums and searching for keywords that are used frequently in the search engines can provide a lot of information in customer research. With the internet, everything is possible in research.

Be it primary or secondary research, maintaining accuracy is significant. The source should be trusted, and it should target the right audience. Unbiased preparation and analysis are equally important too. The research should be referable and understandable by others. It should also be noted that any form of research should be reviewed periodically so that it is not outdated.

Let us discuss how survey and focus groups help Customer Research to figure out a suitable digital marketing strategy?

Survey is the most popular and easy way to know your customers. With a series of questions, you can collect valuable information about your product or service. It is possible to conduct surveys in person, through phone, emails or online forms. When using survey, you can quickly collect insightful data with less cost. The data can be simple for analysis, and the possibility to ask a wide range of questions in both open end and close end is high.
What you need to do for making the customer participate in the survey is, prepare short questions and clearly understand. To make your work easy, you can choose any of the online survey tools using which you can use any ready to survey temple, customize it with business relevant questions and send the link through different channels.

Build Focus groups
Do form focus groups based on the demographic, firmographic and behavioral attitudes. As a digital marketer or a customer researcher, you can initiate a conversation with a topic or marketing message related to business or customers. Let the focus group drop their opinions. The discussions can give you meaningful insights for formulating the best digital marketing strategy.

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1. What is the significance of customer research in digital marketing?
Customer research in digital marketing is essential because it helps businesses gain accurate insights into their customers’ behavior, needs, and preferences. This information is crucial for creating effective and personalized digital marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience.

2. How often should businesses conduct customer research?
It’s recommended to conduct customer research regularly, with many marketers doing it once every quarter or even monthly. Keeping up with changing customer needs and preferences is vital to maintaining a successful digital marketing strategy.

3. What are the primary methods of conducting customer research in digital marketing?
Primary research methods in digital marketing include collecting reviews and feedback from users, conducting surveys through various channels, and using analytics tools to track website activity and customer interactions.

4. How can secondary research be useful in customer research?
Secondary research involves gathering information from existing resources like published statistics, competitive analysis, consumer forums, and search engine keyword analysis. It provides additional insights into customer behavior and trends.

5. How can surveys help in customer research?
Surveys are a popular method to gather customer insights. By asking a series of questions, businesses can collect valuable data about their products, services, and customer preferences. Online survey tools make it easy to design and distribute surveys.

6. What are focus groups and how can they assist in customer research?
Focus groups involve gathering a small group of individuals to discuss specific topics or marketing messages related to a business. These discussions provide meaningful insights into customer opinions, attitudes, and preferences, which can guide digital marketing strategies.

7. How can Startup Icons help with customer research and digital marketing strategies?
Startup Icons is a reputable digital marketing agency that offers reliable customer research services. Their team of experts can provide valuable insights to help create effective digital marketing strategies tailored to your target audience’s needs. They also offer digital marketing training in various courses, enabling you to understand and implement successful strategies.

8. How does digital marketing training from Startup Icons help individuals understand customer research?
Startup Icons offers digital marketing training that covers various aspects of customer research and digital marketing strategies. By enrolling in their courses, individuals can gain the knowledge and skills needed to conduct effective customer research and implement successful digital marketing campaigns.

9. How can businesses ensure the accuracy and reliability of their customer research?
Businesses should ensure that their customer research sources are trusted and unbiased. Regularly reviewing and updating research methods is important to prevent outdated or irrelevant data.

10. How can businesses get started with customer research and digital marketing strategies through Startup Icons?
Businesses can reach out to Startup Icons for reliable customer research services and digital marketing strategies. They can also explore the digital marketing training courses offered by Startup Icons to enhance their understanding and skills in customer research and digital marketing implementation.

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