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What Is Content Marketing and Why Do You Need It?

Consider you are a self-employed physical trainer. How do you get the word out to those who want to hire you? Obviously, nobody hires a physical trainer on a whim. There is a basic amount of thought and research that goes into choosing a physical trainer. To establish yourself as the best choice for those on the lookout, simply running ads or depending on word-of-mouth won’t do. This is where content marketing comes in. In fact, this blog you’re reading is part of our content marketing strategy. 

Content marketing is a marketing strategy, where you weave a story around your brand with publishing content on your brand as well as the industry your brand plies its trade-in. This is most often found online. Contrary to one-off advertising, which tells its audience to invest in a product or service, content marketing shows its audience you care about them. Read further to learn how content marketing can help your brand’s credibility climb.

Establish your authority

Having reliable and accurate content will build a positive impression on your audience about your brand. By publishing consistently and writing compelling content, you are reinforcing your authority over a niche subject in your industry. There is a high chance your readers will remember you, save your post, or even come back and invest in your product or service. Good content improves your brand’s reputation.

Better social media traction

There is a difference between the number of followers you have and the amount of interest it invokes or the interaction it generates. To actually trend, quality content is essential. At Startup Icons, we believe in quality content that is created through real effort. Nothing good is created “easily”. Our deep understanding of content marketing strategy makes us experts in this field. 

Generate new leads

Content marketing is an amazing way to push your audience to your landing page. You can include calls to action within your content to generate more leads. Further, with an established reputation as an authority in your niche, it is more likely that your brand will be trusted or thought of when one of the users in your audience has a requirement.

Your content also has some clout over the conversion rate. It is more likely that customers will invest in your product or service after reading your content. This can be more powerful when you add CTAs scattered across your content marketing plan. 

Rank higher on SEO

Consistent and high-quality content, that is riddled with SEO keywords, can enhance your search engine ranking. Partner up with Startup Icons well-developed content strategy that can help you rank higher and get more exposure.

Content marketing is a great way to keep your page active and maintain an engaging presence online. With a good and consistent presence, your brand will gain more trust, respect, and leads.


1. What is content marketing, and how does it differ from traditional advertising?
Content marketing involves creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a target audience. Unlike traditional advertising that directly promotes products or services, it focuses on building a brand’s authority and credibility by providing informative and helpful content.

2. How does content marketing help establish authority in the fitness industry?
Publishing reliable and accurate content on fitness-related topics showcases your expertise and authority in the field. Consistent and compelling content helps you build a positive reputation, making your brand a trusted source of information.

3. What role does social media traction play?
Having a large number of followers on social media is important, but it’s equally crucial to generate genuine interest and interaction. Quality content prompts meaningful engagement, shares, and discussions, enhancing your brand’s visibility and credibility.

4. How does content marketing generate new leads for a physical training business?
It encourages users to visit your landing page through effective calls to action (CTAs) within your content. By establishing yourself as an authority, your brand becomes a go-to choice when your audience has fitness-related needs.

5. How does content marketing contribute to improving SEO ranking?
Consistent, high-quality content infused with relevant SEO keywords can boost your website’s search engine ranking. Partnering with experts like Startup Icons can help you develop an effective content strategy that aligns with SEO best practices.

6. How does content marketing impact the conversion rate for a fitness business?
Quality content has the potential to influence a higher conversion rate as it provides value and addresses the needs of your target audience. Including well-placed CTAs throughout your content can guide readers toward taking action, such as booking your training services.

7. How can self-employed physical trainers benefit from Startup Icons’ content strategy expertise?
Startup Icons’ deep understanding of the strategies and industry insights can help self-employed physical trainers create and execute effective content plans. This expertise can lead to improved online presence, increased trust, respect, and a higher volume of leads.

8. Is content marketing a time-consuming process?
While content marketing requires consistent effort and planning, the results can be highly rewarding. Collaborating with professionals can streamline the process and help you focus on delivering value to your audience while building your brand’s credibility over time.

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