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How to become a Digital Marketing Freelancer?

“I want to enter the field of digital marketing as a freelancer, but I’m not sure where to start”, says a 35-year-old homemaker.  “I am a software engineer; I want to be a freelancer. I need my flexi-time to work. Is digital marketing a suitable career?” asks a top IT company professional with six years of experience.

Does your thinking match them? Do you aim to be a freelancer in digital marketing to earn money? Then keep reading this article to explore the flexible freelance job opportunities it offers. Before you get an idea of its employment positions, learn what digital marketing is.

 What should you know about digital marketing?

 Digital Marketing is a modern approach to business promotion and brand awareness. A digital marketer effectively utilizes the available web platforms to play a digital marketing strategy for a business to become visible to the target audience. All you need is the zeal to focus attentively on every minute detail. The subject includes social media marketing, YouTube video marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, influencer marketing and Google Ads. 


Know the freelance employment options in digital marketing to make a wise choice

 Earn as an SEO expert- SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is a widely used technique for improving organic traffic. To become eligible for this position, you need to know about SEO. What is SEO? How does it contribute to lead generation and drive sales? What skills does this job require?

 What is SEO in Digital Marketing?

 SEO is categorized into on-page and off-page optimization—the two critical features in digital marketing. You need to write meta-title, meta-description, optimized website content, and blogs for on-page optimization. You need to upload keyword-optimized creative yet informative content on the website. When it comes to off-page optimization, as an SEO expert, you need to increase the Domain Authority and DA of your website via backlinks. It is not tough to learn, but all you need is a focused and learning mind. To master SEO, you can join any digital marketing institute. Choose the best one to upgrade yourself with industry-fit knowledge.  When you are open to work, create a portfolio of what services you are offering and associate with clients to kick-start your income.

 Earn as a Social Media marketer:

In digital marketing, you come across two kinds of job responsibilities, one is social media optimization, and the other is social media marketing. These two differ by a thin line. Social media optimization is an unpaid marketing option. You can upload posts for free. You may strike up a question of how it is possible to ensure the post reaches a broader section of the audience. Yes, here comes the challenge to a digital marketer. Having a good understanding of digital marketing on social media platforms can help you with this. When dealing with social media optimization, you need to post an image with keyword-rich content on the business’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, alongside replying to comments. It is not the end; you must share the posts on business-relevant social media groups to expand the business reach. Whereas social media marketing is a paid ad, the process remains the same. But, you must effectively manage the client’s budget while promoting on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. It helps to reach the target audience instantly.  So, when looking for an opportunity as a social media advertiser, you need to get trained in AdWords, paid advertising, PPC, display ads etc. 

 Earn as a YouTuber:

The display of videos on YouTube is the trending digital marketing technique. Earning through YouTube is by creating a channel and publishing videos. You can promote the videos and gain audiences. The earnings are based on the number of video views. Advertisements can be played on your channel, generating revenue when the viewers click on the ads.

 Earn as a Blogger or content writer: One of the best ways to start as a digital marketing freelancer is by writing blogs and content for online channels. Content writing needs different skills like writing, analytical and keyword search skills. You can also get content writing certification, which will be an added credit to professionalize your offer. You get paid by the number of words or by the article.

 Earn as an E-commerce Specialist: E-commerce is rapidly growing, and it requires more specialists, too, to establish and deliver digital marketing strategies to sell products or services online. By understanding the e-commerce platforms, focusing on attracting online customers, increasing conversion rates and developing marketing content, one can start earning in the e-commerce field.

 There are plenty of other fields to earn as a freelancer in digital marketing, like affiliate marketing, consulting, selling digital products and more. An individual can begin with an average salary of INR. 25000 – INR. Fifty thousand per month, depending on the way one works. With proper training and knowledge, it is an ideal field for any individual.

 Earn as Google Ads specialist:

Google Ads is the company’s most sought-after digital marketing service for immediate sales and profits. There are various types of Google Ads search ad campaigns, display campaigns, discovery campaigns, and call campaigns. However, the Google Ads specialist should know about all ad campaigns and how to take forward this campaign successfully to generate leads. You should keenly observe and analyze every detail of an ad campaign and ensure that the customer’s Ad budget is of no waste. To become an expert in Google Ads, you need to be trained in the subject. Doing an internship on Google Ads will add more weight to your job profile. 

 How to get freelance opportunities in digital marketing?

 Startup Icons guide several aspirants into the field of digital marketing as freelancers. A leading digital marketing training institute in Hyderabad aims to educate individuals in areas like SEO, web and graphic designing, AdWords training and more. They also provide internships focusing on these areas, emphasizing live projects. You can begin your career as a fresher, and later with experience, you can apply for higher roles in digital marketing at renowned companies. 

So, why delay? Plan your freelance job in digital marketing.


1. What are the freelance employment options in digital marketing?
Freelance employment options in digital marketing include roles such as an SEO expert, social media marketer, YouTuber, blogger/content writer, e-commerce specialist, affiliate marketer, consultant, and more.

2. How can I earn as an SEO expert in digital marketing?
To earn as an SEO expert, you need to have knowledge of on-page and off-page optimization. This involves optimizing website content, creating keyword-rich blogs, and building backlinks to improve website visibility on search engines.

3. How can I become a successful social media marketer as a freelancer?
To be a successful social media marketer, you need to understand both social media optimization (organic posting) and social media marketing (paid advertising). Training in AdWords, paid advertising, PPC, and display ads can help you effectively manage paid campaigns.

4. What is the potential income for freelancers in digital marketing?
Freelancers in digital marketing can earn an average salary ranging from INR 25,000 to INR 50,000 per month, depending on their skills, experience, and the projects they work on.

5. How can I start earning as a YouTuber through digital marketing?
To earn as a YouTuber, you need to create a channel, publish videos, and gain a viewership. Revenue is generated through ads displayed on your videos, and the earnings depend on the number of video views and ad clicks.

6. What skills do I need to become a successful content writer or blogger in digital marketing?
To become a successful content writer or blogger, you need excellent writing skills, keyword research capabilities, analytical skills, and the ability to create engaging and informative content for various online channels.

7. How can I earn as a Google Ads specialist in digital marketing?
To earn as a Google Ads specialist, you need expertise in different types of Google Ads campaigns, including search ad campaigns, display campaigns, discovery campaigns, and call campaigns. Training and internships in Google Ads can enhance your job profile.

8. Can I start as a freelancer with no prior experience in digital marketing?
Yes, you can start as a freelancer in digital marketing with proper training and guidance. Many digital marketing training institutes offer comprehensive programs that cover various aspects of the field, allowing you to gain the necessary skills to kick-start your freelance career.

9. How can I transition from freelancing to higher roles in digital marketing?
Starting as a freelancer can provide you with valuable experience. As you gain expertise and build your portfolio, you can apply for higher roles in renowned companies that require digital marketing professionals. Continuous learning and skill development will help you climb the career ladder.

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