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Why choose Startup Icons for an Online Digital Marketing Course?

Before we go forward to understand the question of why choose Startup Icons for an online digital marketing course, there are two things that need our consideration. Firstly, in recent times digital marketing has evolved as a vibrant, lively, robust, and value-driven medium to promote businesses online. Secondly, training in digital marketing which was equally focused on classroom-based training as well as online training has given way to the predominance of online digital marketing courses. This shift of training focus from classrooms to virtual spaces has been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the growth of online businesses, earlier as e-commerce websites, later as m-commerce sites, and now as mobile apps, there is an immense and rising demand to know, explore and practice digital marketing techniques. Owners and staff running online businesses have been herding academies and institutes to register for the various offline and online digital marketing courses. Significantly, this has been a global phenomenon and not limited to any one region or nation across the world. It is rather confusing to find out which institute offers the most authentic digital marketing course, which will be of immediate use to the course participants.

Startup Icons, Hyderabad is pioneered by a team of digital marketing professionals that bring nearly a decade of experience in web development, e-commerce, and digital marketing. With the direction and guidance from Ravindar, senior web developer, and master trainer for digital marketing, Startup Icons offers the best digital marketing courses in Hyderabad. Beneficially, our digital marketing courses are flexible in timing and built on blended learning (mix of online and offline learning) methodologies. Of inordinate significance are Startup Icon’s digital marketing courses that have been built to match the paradigm shift ushered by COVID-19 pandemic.

Earlier, the three-way objective of learners in registering for the digital marketing courses was higher salary, job security, and better opportunities. The paradigm shift has been rewritten with a focus on safety, health, and work-from-home opportunities. This immediately poses a challenge to institutions specializing in offline/classroom-based digital marketing courses. The shift from classroom-based learning to the predominance of online learning methods brought to the fore only a few successful institutions. Since half-a-decade Startup Icons has evolved a firm grip over classroom, online, and blended learning methods. Now, as per the changed paradigm Startup Icons offers the best digital marketing courses in Hyderabad.

The phenomenal benefits offered by Startup Icons Hyderabad’ digital marketing courses include,

  • Emerge as a complete digital marketing professional
  • Choose your preferred digital marketing course online or offline
  • Prepare totally for the present digital marketing challenges
  • Avail our guidance on the in-demand digital marketing skills
  • Enhance your level of preparedness for the ever-changing client expectations
  • Excel at all the focused online promotional activities
  • Avail guidance of peers and experts on all aspects of digital marketing during work at employers
  • Get the right job opportunities and enjoy a long and fruitful career path in digital marketing
    Startup Icons offers the best digital marketing courses in Hyderabad. Our institution is pioneered by leaders who have managed small to large-scale digital marketing projects. Each digital marketing expert at Startup Icons brings the experience of some of the toughest digital marketing challenges. First-hand experience on par with Google Webmasters is shared with digital marketing course learners. All this makes it easy for learners while working on online promotions directed at on-page and off-page optimization, Google (organic and paid), Twitter, and Facebook. Well, this also means increasing the job prospects and channeling lucrative opportunities to our learners.

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